I love you Zayn!

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    Friendzoned. 😏

    "One of the saddest things that can happen is when one falls in love while the other wants nothing more than friendship."

    I am in love with my friend. Since day 1 that I switch companies that I’m working with, he’s the very first person I knew, that I’m still getting along with until now. But before, during our production days with my first team and even during training, he’s just so discreet, and very shy.. But he’s proud that he’s a Daddy of a baby girl. I find it interesting to be his friend.. But because he’s always with someone else, it turned out that he’s one of the most bully people you’ll ever meet in your entire life. That’s why I couldn’t imagine that I fell in love with him. Maybe because we’re not close. He’s a bully, but I’m always being bullied, on the other hand. So he’s not a shy type, actually. He’s just quiet but you can see the funny side of him.

    My first team was dissolved because of their issues with my TL and the management. Just so you know, I work in a call center industry. That explains why “TL” is how I call my direct supervisor. Anyway, going back.. So there. We became included in the Team Erod, their OIC then is Jan. I met my beautiful teammates, my wonderful friends.. Then, it started since we were transferred to the new team. So, there. During that time, I’m still not attached to him yet. I can still see him as a boy who always makes me feel mad because of bullying me. But he’s a friend, and he’s a gentleman too. A lot of times I realized myself how gentleman he is. Whenever you’re sad, they’re gonna do crazy things that will make you laugh even if you really don’t want to. 😂👍👌

    Then I met the perfect TL, which is TL Demsy, our former Team Lead. He’s such a nice person, everyone loves him. Even the guys in our team really tells him how much he’s being missed by everybody. There! I think that’s how it started. One time, I saw him smile, without wearing his glasses. I don’t know, but it made me blush and I just couldn’t explain why. I saw how small his eyes are, but they are very cute. Specially when he smiles.. When I saw him smile at me, I really felt the happiness and the butterflies on my stomach really won’t stop. So, there! That moment was the starting line of everything. It was the time I admitted to myself that I’m starting to like him. I actually told him.. “Hey, you really look good without your glasses on.” I always compliment good-looking girls but not that much of cute boys because I’m really shy when I meet someone cute.

    I became happy since then even though I’m single, because I see him everyday. But I had a boyfriend, but we broke up before we have our very first team building in Tagaytay. I was just so sad then, and I was sick during our team building, but he’s just so sweet. By the time I wake up, he brought me a glass of water for me to take my medicine. I was so guilty when he tripped on the stairs because in the first place I really didn’t ask for him to do that. He’s just so gentle that I can’t seem to forget that. I keep remembering that very moment and it really makes my heart happy. I felt that someone is going to be there even though my heart is sad with my previous break-up with me ex. I didn’t know something exciting will happen. The kisses and the hugs can never be erased from my mind. We’re just casual after what happened between us. Everyday that I’m seeing him in the office.. He’s still the friend that I know for about a year. But since I’m already falling for him, of course I already treat him as a special friend since then. But there are times that we’re talking about it in chat, and I can’t help smiling because he’s really funny. I had one more boyfriend then on December but we broke up and I lost my friendship with him. I suddenly forgot about me being in the friend zone because of my ex when we’re still together. But I still can’t get him off my mind, until the day that I and my latest ex broke up, this person is the reason why I was able to move on. The are some times that he’s very sweet to me, he even brought me nachos the next day when I requested for it. He’s just becoming a diuchebag when he ‘s with Tom. But I guess, it’s really a man ‘s ego. And it really can ‘t be helped. There are times that I just can’t help my heart out of sight, because of what he’s doing.. He always smiles at me, without his glasses on. Sometimes he’s looking at me, like he wants me to melt while he looks at me like that. The feeling makes my heart happy, it really makes me happy being with him.. There are seldom times that he’s unaware that he’s hurting me, but because he has no idea how I feel for him. He’s just so numb, that he really don’t know what I feel for him.. Which makes me feel sad.. There was a time that I felt so mad because of my customers.. Then I didn’t notice I was being bullied in the chatroom. What they said is this.. "I love you all" Then Tom said, "Does that include Mikay?" Then the response was like.. "Tom, are you aware of the rule of Math that there’s always an excemption to the rule?" The first time that I read it, it really didn’t sink in, the true meaning wouldn’t sink in my mind. Then, until I realized what they meant. I was really hurt, specially when he said that I’m not included, what have I done to him? Am I a bad girl? Why did he all of a sudden lost his respect for me? Didn’t he realize how it hurts for me? I just really don’t understand.. And then, it really became an awkward situation.. Then he never apologized and I never felt that he’s sorry. Until time came, that suddenly, everything was back to normal again. And then, I’m happy again. Seeing him everyday.. I just can’t prevent myself getting jealous of one of our teammates because I know he likes her. Of course I asked him multiple times about it.. All though I find him funny when it’s obvious that he likes the girl.. But at the same time, it makes me feel sad. What makes me different than the other girl? The treatment is different. When he also bullies the girl, he knows how to say sorry. But me? His wavemate, the very 1st person he’s been with since day 1? He doesn’t know how to say sorry. Until the party happened. It was very fun. I really came to the party because I really love to drink. And then, the two bullies are there. I really appreciated the fact that he still stayed with me, until the sunrise came, because I really cannot go home during dawn time. He’s there with me, once again, I became weak when he kissed me, but I guess, it’s because ai really love him and I just couldn’t help falling in love with him. 😂😘 Now, we had issues again.. It’s because of the picture they posted that I was really wasted that time, but the are not aware that Tom’s friend was a perverted monkey. In all honesty, I never really had a one-night-stand experience. It’s just so happen that I love him and I like him. That’s why he’s really my first experience when it comes to having a one-night-stand with someone. He’s gonna be my first and last. 😆 I just dunno what will happen in the future, but I’m still hoping that we’re gonna fix what’s broken. I love him, and I just cannot help myself getting rid of him. Should I mention the person? Naaah. Hahahahahaha. 😂✌️ I love you ma friend! I’ll create more blogs about you. - Your FRIEND>, Mikayyy